Остановка "Гепатит С"

Hepatitis C FAQ

HepCBC - HEPV-L, Febuary 2012

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This FAQ is dedicated to the memory of David H. Kehrer, LTC John Heintz (Peters) and his wife Patricia, Daniel Bodiford, Dr. Horst Irmler, Jude Saucier, Capt. Kevin Donnelly, Ron Thiel, ”Uncle Dave” Lang, Guy Thisdelle, “Apache” Pat Davis , Frank Darlington, Dave FitzGerald, Sandra Tara Balduf (Ane Palmo), Herb Moeller, Kelly O’Dell and Bruce Devenne.


Book 1. The Basics

Part 1: Hepatitis C Facts

Part 2: Medical issues

Book 2. The Treatment

Part 3: Conventional Medicine

Part 4: Research

Part 5: Alternative Medicine

Part 6: Nutrition

Book 3. Living with HCV

Part 7: Drugs and Alcohol

Part 8: How can HCV affect my emotional life?

Part 9: Living with HCV

Part 10: Dealing with interferon therapy

Part 11: Employment and disability

Part 12: Important information

APPENDIX A: Where can I get the current version of the FAQ?

APPENDIX B: Common Abbreviations and Medical Terms

APPENDIX C: Some Recommended World Wide Web Sites

APPENDIX D: A List of Canadian Doctors Specializing in the treatment of HCV

APPENDIX E: History of Blood Safety, Canada’s Track Record, and Compensation Issues

APPENDIX F: The Double Challenge of HIV/HCV Co-infection

APPENDIX G: What is a Clinical Trial?


NOTE. Please remember that the above is not medical advice. It is opinions, mostly from different members of this Listserv. Always see your doctor, before trying anything unusual.

HepCBC/HEPV-L Hepatitis C FAQ copyright 1996-2012 by Dr. C.D. Mazoff, PhD, squeeky@pacificcoast.net, Patricia Johnson, hepvl@comcast.net, and Joan King.

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